Productive Discussion in Business

What is needed to stop the argument? These three steps become almost an argument for a productive debate within five minutes.

1. Go to the bathroom. When you are in the midst of a discussion or debate is difficult, simply said: “I have really wanted to have this conversation, but first, please forgive me, I have to go to the bathroom.” Disruptive arguments will give everyone a chance to cool off and collect your thoughts.

If you are on the phone, say “Excuse me, I have to take the call on another channel.” If you are on a mobile phone, the connection is broken in the middle of one of your own sentence. He called a few minutes later and apologized for cutting.

2. Use your break time to think. Decide what you really want to achieve by changing the argument to the discussion.

3. Back to the conversation, summarize the argument so far, and then politely ask what others want the conversation going.

These job steps, as it will give everyone a chance to think, not react to what has happened. And you need not to lose face or look weak or dishonorable act.

When you approach every conversation with your goals in mind, which is much more likely to do that you are in a heated argument. When someone asks you your goals, they must also think about what you want to achieve.

When you create a productive debate, create mutual respect and the opportunity for future relations are very good.